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by Blackstarting
Sat Feb 03, 2007 4:52 am
Forum: BuildXP
Topic: Doomsday/DoomEngine v1.9 beta help
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Doomsday/DoomEngine v1.9 beta help

hi, sry if this doesn'st consist with ur site but ive been trying to find out how to ge this program to work and its head aching so this is my last resort pretty much. i cant connect to my other pc through network to play these old games with my buddy, like doom, hexen ect. ive tried alot, i made a ...
by Blackstarting
Fri Feb 02, 2007 11:38 pm
Forum: DosBox
Topic: I need help
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I need help

hi, i dont know if this is the right forum to post this but, iam trying to run Duke nukem 3d atomic addtion v1.5, and everytime i try to run it with setup, the screen goes black as if the game is going to start, then it closes and im back to where i started, can anyone help me out, its been a while ...