Duke3D won't start under XP

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Duke3D won't start under XP

Post by SnowyDog » Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:11 pm

I am trying to run Duke3D on a Win XP machine. Having carefully followed the instructions here:


I have found that it will not start, no matter what I try. My machine is an HP Omibook 6000 laptop (PIII-700, 512MB) running WinXP SP3.

When clicking the Duke3D pre-configured VDMSound shortcut, the script runs NOLFB as expected and starts Duke3D, however the game fails at the end of initialisation with a "divide overflow" and the command prompt closes.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks :cry:

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Re: Duke3D won't start under XP

Post by vOid » Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:01 pm

DosBox is my standard answer now even though i don't use it. Those of us still stuck with under a gig of anything on our system specs find DB a poor solution I'm afraid.

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