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0 occurrences :/

Post by ramke » Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:27 pm

hey there. sorry for my bad englishm, its not my native language ;)

okay, finally i did step 1 to 5, had some troubles at step 6 (didnt install the vdm sound ;)...

in step 7 ive got a problem: i opened the dos mode, changed into the file (for example in my case c:\duke3d and typed in cli2nop -p duke3d.exe
but after i pressed enter i got the message "0 occurrences". while i didnt install the vdm sound i had 54(?) occurrences. so what iam doing wrong?

if i still get to step 8 or 9 and than try to start the duke3d shortcut its opening the dos mode window but after some seconds its closing it and iam right on my desktop. also the guide says "which should be on your desktop now". but its not on my desktop. maybe iam doing something wrong in part 6? because the guide says "Go ahead and delete those shortcuts" but i dont have shortcuts, ive only got .exe´s. and when iam deleting them, i cant do step 7 because theres no exe.

hum :/

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