Blood CD audio refuses to loop.

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Blood CD audio refuses to loop.

Post by ssjlance » Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:16 pm

First of all, hello all and thanks for the great guide to getting Blood and other Build games running in post-Windows 9x. My main PC is a piece of junk that refuses to play Blood in DOSBox, and my 98 gaming PC is temporarily down due to me formatting the wrong hard drive while working on it at 3 in the morning, so VDMSound has been a real savior past week or two.

Anyway, I've managed to get everything running just as well as it would (or, hell, better than) on my 98 PC, except the CD audio just won't loop the tracks. Initially, I was using MagicDisc with a mounted BIN/CUE I ripped, then tried using my Blood CD in the real CD drive. In both cases, the songs will play once. With the CD, I noticed that the drive seems to spin up at the end of the track, but it won't actually restart the song.

For a bit of info, I don't own One Unit Whole Blood, I have the original 2CD Blood release and Plasma Pak installed on top of it, with the 1.11 patch applied. Don't imagine it matters, but Cryptic Passage is not installed. Any and all suggestions are welcome and much appreciated.

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