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Shadow Warrior Twin Dragon

Posted: Thu May 11, 2006 11:24 pm
by DeM0n
Well looking arround on wikipedia I read about another never released Add On (1 of 3) for Shadow Warrior.

Whoever wants to play these 13 levels do the following:

Click me kthx
Scroll down to the bottom and download the Twin Dragon Add On.

Unzip the files into any folder (just not into your Shadow Warrior folder)

Go to the Build folder your Shadow Warrior Folder. You should find a exe file called "KGROUP". Copy this file into the twin dragon folder.

Open the command prompt and go to your twin dragon folder.
Type "kgroup twin.grp *.*"

This will put all the files into a GRP file. (called Twin.grp)
Copy the GRP file into your Shadow Warrior folder.

Download this file -> Right click me and "save as"

Save this file in your Shadow Warrior folder and launch the Add On with twin.bat.

Select the 2nd episode and enjoy the 13 twin dragon levels.
Oh need JonoFs Shadow Warrior port to run the Add On.

Oh yeah at the beginning of this post I said Twin Dragon is 1 of 3 addons. Making Wanton the 2nd Add On...
Now to find Deadly Kiss...the 3rd addon.

Edit: My host is currently down so give it a few hours.

Edit 2: My host is still down so I'll tell you how to do the bat file on your own (If you don't know)
Go into your shadow directory and create a new notepad document (right click, new)
Name it w/e you want (i.E. twin)
Open the file and type the following:

sw.exe /gtwin.grp (or whatever else you named the GRP file you created with KGROUP. In this example it's twin.grp and the /g tell jonoFs sw.exe to load the twin.grp instead of the sw.grp)

Go to the menu and select "Save as"
In the drop down menu where it says "Textfile" select "All files" and save the file as twin.bat

Now launch the game with twin.bat.

I'll leave a note when my host is back up

Posted: Sat May 13, 2006 6:51 am
by Lord Molder
Good onyer DeMOn!!! :D ...i vrill grive it a gro!!!.

Posted: Sat May 13, 2006 4:32 pm
by DeM0n
Look how nice I am I searched the web and found a place where to store it:

Find it here!

The RAR file contains the twin.grp file and the needed twin.bat file to launch the twin dragon addon! Just unzip the file into your Shadow Warrior directory and you're set!!

If the download isn't working please let me know :P