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Final questions and some great info

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 4:52 pm
by Guest
If anyone could help it would be great.
1. A good website to get addon episodes and maps for Dn3d and SW and blood?

2.How to het them to run good? Because i enjoyed them and always use to play them

3.A good working version of Dn3d Nuclear winter? and Elder scrolls 2 daggerfall and how to run it

I figured how to run Dn1 and Dn 2 flawlessy and duke says I'M BACK and i can here the trick mess with the sound and use dosBOX thanks because currtently on df-21 i am hoping for DF help. Once it perfect than i can enjoy my favorite games again.

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:12 pm
by Ephemeral
A very nice site for addons for Duke3d and SW is

A good place to find Blood maps seems to be here.

To get them to run, search the forums, also look here.

Note that most likely nobody here can help you with Daggerfall, as it is not a Build game.