how i got cryptic passage working

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how i got cryptic passage working

Post by guest » Sat Dec 30, 2006 5:34 pm

i had alot of trouble with this one and i got it working through a series of trial-and-error experiments.

first off, you need to find the tppatch which fixes the runtime error problems(note that this patch will read in german i think when it is used in the cmd line but dont worry about it). this can be found by googling runtime error 200 fix. also, go to sunstorms website and there should be a patch to let cryptic passage work with a version of blood that is higher than 1.02.

now, with your cryptic passage cd in your drive, copy/paste all the files into a temporary folder, i made mine C:\cryptic, so make yours as well. unzip the contents of the tppatch folder into the same directory as well and then open up a command window by going to Start>Run>cmd.

in the cmd box type in: cd\cryptic
that should take you into your cryptic temporary directory.
next type in: ttpatch.exe install.exe
that will make the install.exe stop closing itself everytime you open it.
do the same thing for the gamer executable, type: ttpatch.exe gamer.exe
that should make the gamer exuecutable stop closing itself as well.
now, use the install.exe and have it install cryptic passage into your C:\Games\Blood directory (assuming you are following the build xp guide)

from here your cryptic.exe should be in the same folder you have blood in. you want to put the gamer.exe in the blood folder as well if it isnt already in there as well as well as any other files you have in your temporary cryptic directory. now use the patch from sunstorms website.
that should allow cryptic to be compatable with versions of blood higher than 1.02. the patch.exe is call cppatch.exe, if it closes out or doesnt work, try going to the cmd line and opening up your blood directory and type: tppatch.exe cppatch.exe and/or: cli2nop.exe -p cppatch.exe

note that if anytime you come across an executable that closes itself out, try going to the cmd box and open your blood directory and type in: ttpatch.exe program.exe (replace "program" with whatever executable is not working.) the way to see if an executable needs this is to go into the properties by right clicking, and somewhre in there, there is an option to have the dos window close on exit, make sure its off. when you try to open the exe. file again it should not close out but it will say runtime error or something, that indicates that you will want to patch that exe. with the ttpatch.exe by using the cmd line.

now go to your cmd window and type: cd\games\blood
then: cli2nop.exe -p cryptic.exe
do the same for the gamer.exe (im not sure if the gamer.exe needs to be patched with the cli2nop.exe but do it anyway just in case.)
in that case type: cli2nop.exe -p gamer.exe

now, open up the gamer.exe. it should come up with a window asking you to activate the cryptic passage add-on, tell it to actvate it.

now, try using the vdfsound shortcut for cryptic found of the main build on xp page. it SHOULD work. if it doesnt keep trying to patch any cryptic files you have with both the tppatch and/or the cli2nop executable. this all must be done from the command line that is accesable by going into start>run and typing in cmd.

when your done with everything and think its ready to play, try the vdf sound shortcut now. if you get a window that says some files were missing, try making a batch file that says:

ren blood.ini blood.000
ren tiles007.000
ren tiles015.000
ren cryptic.ini blood.ini
ren CPART07.AR_
ren CPART15.AR_

that modifies some files that cryptic uses i think

if that doesnt work, switch the files back into their normal state by making another batch file that says

ren CPART15.AR_
ren CPART07.AR_
ren blood.ini cryptic.ini
ren tiles015.000
ren tiles007.000
ren blood.000 blood.ini

you need to do that and run it to make it so the main blood game works.

remember, you must make it so that both the install.exe and the gamer.exe work, the only way i found to do this is by applying the runtime error patch (ttpatch.exe) the install is needed to install the cryptic passage files into your blood directory, and the gamer executeable is needed to activate the add on. if you dont use the gamer to activate it, cryptic passage WILL NOT work.

once again, this is just what i did to get the add on to work, there could be other ways or depending on your system there might not be any way. im using winxp sp2 and i am getting crystal clear sound and no lag/framerate problems in either blood or cryptic passage. this guide may not have exactly what i did as i did this a few days ago and im doing this off the top of my head so i might be forgeting something but do understand that it IS possible to get cryptic passage to work, you just have to be will to take some time with it and experimenting with different methods and patches and try applying them to any of the cryptic executables. good luck.

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Now that was confusing

Post by marco75 » Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:45 pm

Your instructions were so confusing, I just had to try and figure out a simpler method.

Turns out, things are a lot simpler...

0. Go through Sidious' Blood to perfection instructions.

These are the steps I took to install Cryptic Passage:

1. make a temporary folder, like C:\cp_cdrom
2. Copy the contents of the Cryptic Passage CD-ROM to the folder
3. Unzip to the folder
4. Open command prompt at the folder. At the prompt, type:
tppatch.exe install.exe
tppatch.exe cryptic\gamer.exe
5. Run install.exe. Follow the on-screen prompts. (I used C:\GAMES\SSIGAMER at the first prompt)
6. Back at the prompt, type GAMER
7. Activate cryptic passage. When asked to play Cryptic Passage, refuse.
8. Copy tppatch to your blood folder, run
tppatch cryptic.exe
9. Make a copy of your blood.vlp, rename it "Cryptic Passage", in its properties, change all references to blood.exe into crypt.exe.
10. Click Cryptic Passage.vlp and enjoy a new episode!

11. WARNING! Do not attempt to install Plasma Pak, it will mess up your perfectly running copy. When I do figure out a way to get Post Mortem/Plasma Pak running as smoothly as the ones above, I will post full instructions on the forum.

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