blood hangs at start screen

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blood hangs at start screen

Post by error » Fri Jan 12, 2007 2:35 am

like topic says, after i start blood with the .vlp link it hangs at the start screen/loading demo screen. i've the "One Unit Whole Blood" version, running on a Intel Pentium D805 (dual core) with Windows XP SP2, i also tried glidos/dgvoodoo with the same result(freezes at start screen) the only way blood works is with dosbox(horribly slow..) so any suggestions are welcome...


Post by ddraig » Wed Jan 17, 2007 11:00 pm

hmmn, I started getting the frozen screen myself all of a sudden, after reinstalling vdmsound, tweaking this that and the other, no joy.

The problem *I think* could be related to the 'Get Sound Blaster Live!' crash fix you may of applied from the BuildXP guide. Try running your .vlp file from a cmd line, or as I did, with your dgvoodoo bat file from a cmd line. You may notice that you are getting (to paraphrase) 'sound.cpp(516) conflicting IRQ' message displayed in the cmd line window.
Regardless grab the fix again (here: and re-run once or twice to apply/unapply the fix and see if that fixes it.
If that doesnt with vdmsound, try it with dgvoodoo (w. soundfx 2000)

What I did was to grab dgvoodoo with the dos sound card emulator Sound FX2000 and I finally got it up and running very well after reapplying the crash fix above. I dont bother with vdmsound since I couldnt get it running above 64x480, now it runs at 1024x768 with good sound, The only problem is that Soundfx 2000 is not free as you may know.
anyway, hope this helps.


Post by Sidious » Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:52 pm

You got it working?
follow this guide :
stay away from the patches though...

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