Post Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:07 pm

Windows XP glitchy after exiting Blood!

I followed all the steps to the letter (big pain, since the computer I wanted to install on doesn't have internet, lol), and when I went to play the game it worked PERFECTLY! I was so excited that I'd decided I was going to write a praise email as soon as I recovered the url. :P

But when I FINISH playing blood and exit the program, it returns me to a Windows desktop that's so glitchy (everything colored turned to rainbow lines scattered across the screen) that I almost can't see anything to use it. 50% of the time the start menu is just as glitchy (sometimes dragging my mouse over where it should be brings back the menu items), and I can't even see the buttons to shut down my computer or log off. ^^;

Because I don't have the internet on this computer and the only other computer I have is Vista, I don't have any Windows XP updates or Service Packs installed, since I can't download them (when I try to download SP2 from on my Vista computer, it says simply, "Your computer is now set up for automatic updates" or something like that and doesn't let me just download the file...). Perhaps that's my problem? Any help/advice would be appreciated! :shock:

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