Shadow Warrior Network Game Multiplarer Help-Commit

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Shadow Warrior Network Game Multiplarer Help-Commit

Post by wolfcub » Mon Sep 12, 2005 6:41 am

I did everything iin step 10 of the tuorial but one computer is using the IPX protocall and the other is using a NetBios protocall what ever NetBios is.Is there any way to override these settings so that they both are able to communicate and play?

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Post by Lord Molder » Sat Sep 17, 2005 11:19 am

Mayby JonF`s port has something that could help..apart from that `im useless to ya.... :) Im lucky i can check my email!! :lol:
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Post by wolfcub » Sat Sep 17, 2005 4:25 pm

thanks for trying but jonf doesn't have multiplayer yet so I have to mess with the game or be patient I guess.


Netbios issues using commit.exe v1.4

Post by anomius » Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:14 pm

I have been an avid reader of this and a few other forums and thought i would post a possible help for some of the noobs of which i was til not to long ago. I personally like VDMSsound and the 2.04 seems to be more stable on my Winxp SP2 than the VDMSsound 2.1 so word of caution just like it says do not run the beta if you are having any performance issue. I just recently got fed up and installed win98 on both of my machines at home and explicity wanted to make it work without IPX/SPX protocol. And long behold netbios is not installed by default to be used with tcp/ip. So if you go under the DNS portion of your tcp/ip and put in a host and a domain does not really matter what you call them and just to make sure you still have dns support if you are using dhcp copy your isp's dns to them. I still recieved a tcp/ip address via dhcp and it makes sure you still have the ability to leave your network I believe. but that is beside the point. before i made those changes in win98 it would say no ipx or netbios. I scoured the net for a command line options for commit.exe v1.4 and found absolutely nothing. I will be now attempting to use the low level networking in vdms after removing the nwlink protocol all together not just disable it. I will write a more detailed configuration of my setup when i get it to work in the next few days. I will be using GIT from morpheus software to route the tcp/ip packets from my network to 2 other networks and I will let you know how that works out as well. Now that i don't have to worry about ipx/spx and try to route it with GIT then I feel like my chances of success have quadrupled. I know quite a bit more about tcp/ip and routing than i have ever hoped to know about ipx/spx.

I hope this first post finds its way into some help at least for the hard core win98 users and this applies to winxp for the most part but I will post again.

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