Hey GUYS! I'm new.

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Hey GUYS! I'm new.

Post by Xzarr » Thu Oct 19, 2006 1:39 pm

:shock: Hey, I come across the board the other day in search for more Bloodites to share in the obsession. Just wanted to start things off by saying Hi and all that jazz so: Hey.

Blood is by far THE greatest game of all time in my book. Sadly, I haven't played it in a few years since I no longer have a DOS friendly computer. And it seems i'm not alone with this problem. When I did I played the ever-loving SHIT out of that game. I'd get home from school and me and a friend would connect and have a hilarious bloodbath from then until past midnight. Some bloodbath, but mostly Co-Op in a handful of choice maps. Some of monoliths and some of our own creation. Set the monsters to respawn, jack up the difficulty a little bit and run around killing baddies for a few hours. Sometimes... ok, alot of times we'd end up turning our guns on each other, heh. But hey, all in good fun! Why we played that game so much we came up with our own little minigames such as "Kamikazi/Suicide" and "Pass the (life)leech".

Ah, damn good gaming. But those days have been long gone. All my old computers eventually shit out on me. The ones that were DOS-driven. Now I just have a couple of XP pc's. I still play new PC games, but they don't compare to my precious collection of DOS games. And one day in the near future I will get my claws on a couple of them and set up a LAN and get back into Blood, it's maps and it's community.

Until that day comes, though... :(

If anyone around here is still able to play Blood will you do me a favor? Kill the shit out of a few gargoyles and blow up some zombies for me. Hell, take screenshots of it. I need a fix.

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