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Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:43 pm
by vOid
All of the following beta mods for the EDGE Doom port can be found at or

The screens were made using the freedoom WAD. Remember this was only made as a demonstration of Edge's scripting abilities.

From lysander we have DoomEU. This mod is considered highly unfinished but is still playable. The goals of this project are to have enemies patroling without being triggered for a more random form of game play. A change that's a little more eye catching is the ability of AI's to *jump* down from a hight. Remember that this is unfinished so there are no actual jump animations in place for me to show. It does work however as you can see.

It's not the best screenshot in the world. Pay attention to the humanoid enemy at the center of the screen.


...a couple seconds later.


Here's a few of his buddies.


From CeeJay we have two separate projects ongoing:

007, A doom remake of Goldeneye- still in progress at last word.
Here we see the golden gun, which now can blast enemies back like the doom shotty.

Two pesky scientists here,


Now they've been sent flying across the room.


Dukedoom, another project by CeeJay, is a remake of Dukenukem. In this next shot well see some going prone by a pigcop.

And here he is,


That's it for now. More later.