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Networking issues

Post by Ballystix » Sat Aug 05, 2006 2:51 am

Hello all, i have blood working on xp fine, however networking is the current issue im trying to fix.

I have two computers , lets call them computer A and computer B, both with the same version of blood, running xp, using the correct IPX protocals (i believe).

Scenario of what happens:
(each step has a number, which is the order of how it was done)
1. creates network game in setup.vlp ( commit.dat contains LAUNCHNAME = "BLOOD.exe").. stops at waiting for player after init sound

2. commit.exe

outcome : nothing happens , comp B waits for a player forever


1. creates network game in setup (commit.dat contains LAUNCHNAME = "BLOOD.exe").. .. stops at waiting for player

2. creates network game in setup (commit.dat contains LAUNCHNAME = "BLOOD.exe").. stops at waiting for player

outcome : comp A runs commit exe and says it finds player2! then it finds player3..... but continues waiting
, meanwhile on COMPUTER B's screen it says that it found COMPUTER A but still waits while running commit.exe

while comp B is still running commit.exe, waiting for player
comp A closes commit.exe, then runs setup network games through setup again

outcome : BOTH computers run blood, however after init sound, it stops at waiting for network players


setting commit.dat contains LAUNCHNAME = "BLOOD.exe" for both computers

2. commit.exe

1. commit.exe

output : both computers run blood, but stop
the order in this doesnt matter (which ever runs commit first), the outcome is the same in that blood starts then crashes, due to the fact that im not running vlp, this test makes sense


1. commit.exe dat file modified (commit.dat contains LAUNCHNAME = "BLOOD.vlp")..

2. commit.exe dat file modified (commit.dat contains LAUNCHNAME = "BLOOD.vlp")..

output : computer A first gets error messages (some weird adress), but as soon as comp B opens up commit.exe, that comp gets errors as well


i obviously cant get networking to work, i might try GIT, but i dont know how that is going to turn out since i dont know much about networking. Also, computer A for some reason, always sees an extra player everytime i run commit.exe, which is weird.

This causes it to always attempt to start blood.exe when running commit.exe thinking that it is seeing someone. If i try to change the commit.dat to point to blood.vlp on computerA it screws up giving me errors (computerB doesnt do this). I think IPX might be different or corrupt for COMP A compared to COMP B. I hope this post hasnt been too confusing and also hope that someone can help me out here.


Post by ddraigcymraeg » Sat Aug 05, 2006 3:03 am

not sure if this helps but..

make sure you have COMMIT.exe V1.4.
You will most likely need to get it from Shadowlords or another build game (do a search on these forums) since Blood distros dont have it IIRC. Overwrite blood's version with the newer one after making a backup.

Secondly, you should set up a vdmsound shortcut to setup.exe (which you set up lan games from right?) just like you did for blood.exe, most importantly making sure that you check the 'enable low level netware support' (..or similar) box.
The the last point is probably what is hurting you.


Post by Guest » Sat Aug 05, 2006 3:10 am

i already have low level networking for all shortcuts, and the vlp shortcuts are pointing to setup.exe

i also got commit.exe from this website, and overwrote the old commit.exe long ago, so im pretty sure its 1.4


Post by ballystix » Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:00 am

I would also like to add that at first CompA couldnt get commit.exe to work, until i uninstalled + reinstalled ipx protocal. I may try reinstalling some other network protocals and see if that does anything.

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